Veiled by the Spirit

The one veiled with the spirit.
Do these people seem immortal? Don't they make mistakes? What are they exactly?
To be veiled by the spirit, what must you possess?
Could you consider someone lost?
Were was the spirit to be exact?

Veiled by the spirit. Says the lot.
Veiled by the spirit I say not.
Foretold it was wrong. It was a glacier in the flame.
The mirror image in the drought.
The broken glass where it clot

Veiled by the spirit.
What a funny thing to say.
Nothing more than a mortal's eye
Veiled by the spirit.

I only had hoped it end in time.


Credit to: Wikipedia
Blame it on me
For I am the guilty
The one strucked by fate
Seen through misfortunate gates

Blame it on me
For I stand in the front lines
The sole actor in the crowd
The stain fetched from the ground

Blame it on me
For the red strings were detached
marionettist has gone
And set of eyes has been cast

Blame it on me
For the lies I believed
The pain I conceived
For it is I that hath bleed

Blame it on me
For I let myself be controlled
Placed in a trash
Left in a hole

~ end ~

Scream 2.0

I wanted to talk
Not through these gadgets
Not through fancy techs

I wanted to sit beside someone
Not with virtual hugs
Not with their online presence

A human incubator could bring back life
Can't we do the same here and now?
So I could still speak while I can

Yes we are now all connected
But blinded by the illusion
That within this web we intertwine

Then I'm posting this up
Very ironic as it may seem
Well, what choice do I have
No one hears this voice even if it screams

~ End ~

Photo credit: demonbotosai


Nauseous feeling that kept me awake for so many nights
The chills that it gave from dusk ‘til the sun shun bright
“I miss you” was the only thought I repeatedly chant
Longing for the soul that made me lose interest of what’s at hand


There has been a lot of thing that comes and go
Lives lost in an instant, dreams flew like a boat
Shivers are spent, burns are then kept
But what was it again? Is it to find one's self?

Loud and annoying are the ways I saw
A clear path, I kissed the ground from every plow
Treasure it is and surely it will
But it was never a spot that could be seen in this field

I gasp for air, and it was deep and stretched
A repetitive motion that has been lurking there in the mist
Could it be life knocking and trying to hit my senses?
Or it was death inviting my curiosity for it is I he misses?

There was light in each step
A silent breeze that's not too cold nor too hot
At the end of each side were dark and bright
Whispering the thoughts that I said that night

Hear ye! Hear ye! Says the announcer
Look at the mines and observe the diggers
Hear ye! Hear ye! Like from the newspapers
One dead, one stabbed and a family murdered

I tried hard and practiced to be a miner
But all I saw are trash from both ends of this land
Surely we could still find precious treasures
Before it's too late and the majority to end
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